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Is Your Website On the Web?

Your Website Is Your Business Listing on the Web

Do you have a website? If not, give it some serious consideration. Even a modest website can help people find your business and learn a bit more about it than what they might discover somewhere else on the web.

Websites are very easy to create and you can even get one on the web for free or at a very low cost. Members of Rotobrush’s RotoVantageSM program get a 6 page website and website hosting (which keeps the site live on the web) as well.

The words, or content, you put on your website will be used by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the other search engines to match to searches by people looking for the kind of services you provide. It’s possible that some will search for your business by its name, but you shouldn’t count on this. Instead, you want your content to use keywords that reflect your services. Using them helps “optimize” your content so that your business can be found by people searching the web. This process has a name: search engine optimization, or SEO.

Keywords include words that describe various parts of your business including:

  • Your location, which can be the areas you serve, including town or city names, neighborhoods, and any other regional landmark people recognize
  • The specific services you provide like vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, HVAC maintenance, carpet cleaning
  • The products you use, like Rotobrush

Make sure you don’t repeat yourself over and over or overdo using keywords, or “stuffing” your content with them. Search engines hate this. Instead, write as naturally as you can about your business. If you can write it yourself and have someone proof it or hire someone to do the writing for you. This is a legitimate business expense that you can write off on your taxes.

Just so you know! RotoVantage members receive marketing and writing support for their websites and advertising materials.

Developing Content for Your Facebook Business Page

Lots of people are on Facebook; in fact, it’s the Number One social network in the world!

Many businesses like yours that serve customers directly have their own Facebook business pages. If your business doesn’t have one, consider getting one but keep it separate from your personal page. (You will need a personal Facebook page to have a business page, but you don’t have to be active on it if that’s not your thing.) All Facebook pages are free.

Many Facebook users use it to ask for recommendations for everything from a reliable taxi service to pediatricians. If you have a lot of repeat, loyal customers, chances are they would be happy to Like your page if you ask them. When someone Likes a page, it appears on the news feed seen by his or her friends. You can’t actually ask someone to Like your business page from that page, but you can post a request for this from your personal page.

Use your Facebook updates to draw people to your website by posting content with a link to it. For example, give a preview of something important you just added to your website, such as a new service or a blog. Here’s an example:


The hashtag (#) is used to help people looking for the keyword it’s attached to. So this page will show up in a Facebook search for the word “tailgating.”

You can also post links to news articles and stories that interest your customers, such as why it’s important to change out air exchange filters or reminders to vacuum behind the clothes dryer every few months.

How do you use your Facebook page? Tell us your ideas and send questions with the comment!