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The RotoVantage Process

RotoVantage takes care of all the details to help you develop a strong online presence, starting with a website designed for mobile devices like smartphones to represent your business online. We will manage the site to promote your business, analyze how visitors use it, and based on what we learn, optimize to convert more site visitors into paying customers!


Building Your Online Presence

Targeted advertising on popular search engines and social media, along with consistent messages about your customer-focused services, will prompt customers to contact you. They will be able to call you directly from their smartphones, email your business, or visit your website where calls to action encourage them to provide their contact information.



Your business will be actively supported behind the scenes with a dedicated group of marketing experts that include website developers and designers, content writers, graphic designers, and online advertising executives who bring insights into local Internet marketing and customer behaviors.

Convert Customers

Marketing is a promise you give to the people you want to become your customers that you will deliver services exceeding their expectations. We have the tools, skills, and industry knowledge to let them know you understand their priorities and concerns. When they visit your site or see your advertisements, they will want to contact you for service.



The marketing management process ties several pieces together under a strategy that keeps us focused on a central goal: to get you more customers. All the steps we take support this goal. By managing every step, we keep the focus on helping you sell your services and gain new customers.


Customers leave behind a lot of clues when they visit a website, open an email, check out a Facebook page or website, or read tweets.¬†We collect and analyze them¬†to help us understand what they hope to get from you and make the next advertising or email campaign even more successful. We also pass along to ¬†you what we’ve learned in monthly reports that can help you strengthen¬†face-to-face customer interaction.



Optimization involves using content (words) and graphics on your website, social media outlets, and advertising and marketing copy that echo how customers in your area look for your services. The content we create will include these words and phrases so that they match the way customers search when they go online.

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